Helpful Online Divorce Resources for Parents and Children

There are a number of helpful websites and online resources available to parents and children before, during and after a divorce.  Here are just a few worth checking out:

  1. Sharing of Children’s Schedules and Information

Married, separated or divorced couples with children can benefit from maintaining a shared calendar of child-related events. This can be as simple as maintaining a free shared Google calendar of a child’s school and activity schedule or it could be utilizing one of the number of fee-based online services that provide additional tools for parents.  For example, there are on-line tools that offer an interactive shared calendar, a repository for shared information, such as medical information, and a schedule to track and manage child-related expenses.  Take a look at Our Family Wizard and 2houses:


  1. Parenting Advice and Support

Are you looking for some parenting advice on issues related to your divorce? Kids Before Conflict is a great resource for articles on a wide range of parenting topics, such as how to tell your children about a divorce, how to manage your anger and how to deal with a long distance co-parenting arrangement, just to name a few.

Kids Turn, based out of San Francisco, offers a number of educational programs both online and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for children and parents to discuss feelings, to learn co-parenting skills and to understand the impact of divorce on their family.

  1. Resources for Children

There are also various online resources for children who are dealing with divorce.  These sites include articles, videos and activities for children of different ages. Changeville is an interactive, online community developed by the Justice Education Society of BC.  It is designed to provide support, advice and comfort for children of divorced or separating parents.  Sesame Street in Communities offers videos and activities for both parents and young children.  For example, one video shows Sesame Street character Abby expressing her feelings about her parents’ divorce, whereas another link offers a printable, kid-friendly calendar that you can fill out with your child to explain the visitation schedule. (Topic: “Dealing with Divorce”)


Tanya E. Prioste and Lydia E. Crandall are Partners in the Family Law Section of Lakin Spears, LLP, in Palo Alto, California.




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