Four (Surprising) Lessons from the Bezos Divorce

While the cheating scandals and astronomical net worth may have grabbed all the headlines, that really misses the mark when it comes to Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos’ divorce.

You see, there’s always and easy way and a hard way to get divorced. Jeff and MacKenzie took the “easy” way.


They looked at divorce as a problem to solve, not a battle to be won. That’s easier said than done, especially when the stakes are high.

The truth is it’s nearly impossible to avoid a win-lose mindset when you’re in the throes of litigation.  Collaborative divorce and mediation are a great way to keep things amicable.

Check out Jason Crowley’s Forbes piece on Four Lessons from the Bezos Divorce (You Can’t Afford to Ignore).

And here’s a great video on the topic.


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