Collaborative Lawyer

What happens during a divorce? What are your rights and obligations? How can you reach an agreement when you need to consider your children, your spouse, your property, and your finances? How can you be sure that you are making good decisions? Have you considered everything?

A Collaborative Lawyer Can Help.

Your Collaborative Lawyer is trained to work in a non-adversarial way with you as part of your Collaborative Team. Each of you will have your own Collaborative Lawyer.

Your Collaborative Lawyer will:

  • Listen to you and be your advocate
  • Offer you legal advice about your rights
  • Help you make informed decisions
  • Support and guide you during your Collaborative Divorce
  • Help you collect the information you need
  • Discuss your obligations
  • Help you reach and complete your settlement out of court

Your Collaborative Lawyer will help you prepare for and understand your Collaborative Divorce. Your attorney will advise you on the relevant legal matter, from child custody and support to financial settlements, including property division. During a series of interdisciplinary team meetings, you will find solutions that work for you and your family. The attorneys are trained to help keep the meetings safe and work to make them a constructive and comfortable place for you to create acceptable solutions to challenges you are facing.